Hunger in Canada

In addition to raising funds, Empty Bowls strives to raise awareness about poverty to encourage
community members to use their voice to advocate for the eradication of the root causes of hunger.
Why is food security so important?

Food insecurity is inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints. It is a serious public
health problem in Canada.

But while food insecurity has serious consequences for people, it’s not the real or only problem — it’s a
symptom of the problem. The problem is poverty.

Empty Bowls, Caring Hearts exists to help people live day-to-day by supporting Shelter House and the
Thunder Bay Food Bank. But emergency food isn’t the answer.

Resource List

Use this resource list as a starting point to learn more about what is being done to address poverty as
the root cause of food insecurity. Additional resources will be added over time and as they become

Hunger in Ontario:

Poverty Reduction Strategies:

Poverty Research:
Living Wage Resources:
Basic Income Resources: